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o] Production and Distribution

      Assotherm group  sits in the market as a main partner of the development of products in printed and worked brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper, through the coordination of relocated production units. Each of these has its own skills, in order to offer high performances in the production, because they are focused on their individual manufacturing processes until the final product.

     From this perspective, the categories of products can be tested to be the ones who meet the market needs, in order to improve the competitiveness of the company.
       The company has a technical staff highly specialised, who promotes the best product required. Examples of this category can be: ball valves, radiator valves, plugs and check valves, brass taps and fittings, manifolds, industrial butterfly and gate valves.
        For our complete range of products, you can check our catalogues in the download section.

[o] Integrated Services

      Assotherm is a main partner in the management and distribution of its range of products. The offered services by our business include:

Fastest deliveries for products in stock
Monitoring of transport costs for delivering of the goods
Custom boxes, marking, labelling, bar code on demand
Marketing instruments for advertising
Bonus on yearly turn over
Promotion on no rotation goods
Custom products according to the customers demand
Assembling of Kits and accesories for big surface distribution
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