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Valves and fittings
Valves and fittings division of  
Assotherm deals with the  
development, production and  
distribution of products for the  
heating and plumbing industry,  
as  with the industrial, chemical  
and pharmaceutical  plant  
Assotherm emerges as a  
realible company constantly  
updating with the necessities of  
the sector, by providing high  
technology and qualitative  
Solutions for Technological plant!

Assotherm represents a great support for the mechanical plant, providing differents and specifically studied solutions  for the production of plumbing, heating and air conditioning  systems. All this, through integrated services and products provision, which are useful  for the achievement of the works.
Looking at the future!

Our mission is strongly directed to the evaluation and the constant update of  new systems,  linked to the production of renewable energies. We have as our goal the production of  an environmentally friendly energy and the rationalisation of resources.
High Quality at best price!

Our products are the result of a constant monitoring, starting with the raw materials, which are up to European standards. The main advantage for our customers is the assumption of a good quality offer at the best price.
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