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[o] Ventilation and air quality

     We know very well how much the quality of air effects our wellbeing, therefore itís essential to have a good diffusion of air. Assotherm offers a serie of products compatible to any kind of technical and design necessity, especially indicated to maintain the same quality without losing characteristics such as colour, composition and form. Furthermore there could come important benefits from using PVC; it doesnít create condensation, itís noncorrosive, itís doesnít cause sound, itís light, itís fireproof, it can be painted, furthermore it doesnít absorb energy therefore itís ideal and advised in locations with high energy efficient labels.
Mechanical Ventilation
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     Typical Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery is characterized by having a double ventilation circuit. The first duct controls and regulates the air drawn into the house, while the second provide the extraction of the air exhaust. The air flows is operated by electric fans.
    This system allows different advantages. First, to process, to filter, to heat or cool the outside air ensuring constantly re-change; moreover, saving energy by recovering of the heating of the exhaust air.
    Duct air are oriented to an heat echanger where exhausting air exchange hot temperature to the clean inlet air. The heat echanger is equipped with filters that allows to control the quantity of air, limiting the entrance of dust and polluting particles.

[o] Projecting and products

     Assotherm is in able to offer project service and designing of the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery, following customer requirements.
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